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Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

Studying at Cambridge


Katerina A. Christofidou

Katerina A.  Christofidou

Research Associate

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 331950


MEng Aerospace Materials Engineering (Imperial College London)
PhD Metallurgy (University of Cambridge)

Research Interests

Nickel and nickel-cobalt based superalloys and their development

Environmental issues are increasingly becoming a principal matter in the design of novel gas turbine civil aero engines. Fuel efficiency as well as  the need to reduce emissions necessitate that new engine designs implement increased gas stream temperatures and rotation speeds. However, current materials are incapable of withstanding the demanding environments. New materials, are therefore required in order to ensure the success of the novel engine designs. 

One of the strategies explored by our group is the modification of conventional Ni-based superalloys with increased Co and Ti contents, which when carefully controlled can provide improved properties to higher temperatures. 

Alloy design is a demanding task that involves the use of various techniques in order to tailor compositions through all stages of development. Thermodynamic modelling is used at the initial stages of alloy design. This is followed by the manufacture of specimens and their subsequent characterisation through thermal analysis, microscopy, advanced neutron and synchrotron diffraction techniques, mechanical testing and oxidation testing in order to analyse the suitability of the alloys produced. 


Multi-component alloys

"High Entropy Alloys" have proven to be an emerging area of research for modern metallurgy, from both a fundamentally scientific point of view and, for the more application-driven, a potentially interesting and promising set of new alloy systems. A range of characterisation techniques are used to understand the microstructure of these alloys focusing primarily on SEM-based techniques. 


Additive Manufacturing of Ni-based superalloys

One of the methods being explored for the manufacturing of high precision parts for gas turbines involves additive manufacturing of Ni-based superalloys. However, due to the complexity of the techniques themselves, and the specificity of the material properties required, the microstructure of parts produced by these methods needs to be extensively studied and modified before such parts can be put into service. My research focuses on the characterisation of such parts using a range of microscopy and diffraction techniques. 


  • Heat Treatments
  • Characterisation
  • Copper alloys
  • thermo calc
  • diffraction
  • turbine discs
  • Ni-Co alloys
  • nickel-based superalloys
  • thermodynamics
  • Thermo-Calc
  • Microstructure
  • Cobalt-base Superalloys
  • High-temperature alloys
  • XRD
  • EBSD
  • Nickel-based superalloys
  • Alloy Development

Key Publications

    1. K.A. Christofidou, T.P. McAuliffe, P.M. Mignanelli, H.J. Stone, N.G. Jones, On the prediction and the formation of the sigma phase in CrMnCoFeNixhigh entropy alloys, JALCOM. 770 (2019) 285–293.
    2. K.A. Christofidou, M.C. Hardy, H.-Y. Li, C. Argyrakis, H. Kitaguchi, N.G. Jones, et al., On the Effect of Nb on the Microstructure and Properties of Next Generation Polycrystalline Powder Metallurgy Ni-Based Superalloys, Metall Mater Trans A. 49 (2018) 3896–3907
    3. L.D. Connor, P.M. Mignanelli, K.A. Christofidou, N.G. Jones, A.R. Baker, C.C. Tang, et al., In situ study of sigma phase formation in Cr-Co-Ni ternary alloys at 800degreesC using the long duration experiment facility at Diamond Light Source, J. Synchrotron Rad (2018). 25, 1371-1378.
    4. K.A. Christofidou, E.J. Pickering, P. Orsatti, P.M. Mignanelli, T.J.A. Slater, H.J. Stone, et al., On the influence of Mn on the phase stability of the CrMnxFeCoNi high entropy alloys, Intermetallics. 92 (2018) 84–92. 
    5. A.J. Goodfellow, E.I. Galindo-Nava, K.A. Christofidou, N.G. Jones, C.D. Boyer, T.L. Martin, et al., The effect of phase chemistry on the extent of strengthening mechanisms in model Ni-Cr-Al-Ti-Mo based superalloys, Acta Mater. 153 (2018) 290–302. 
    6. A.J. Goodfellow, E.I. Galindo-Nava, K.A. Christofidou, N.G. Jones, T. Martin, P.A.J. Bagot, et al., Gamma Prime Precipitate Evolution During Aging of a Model Nickel-Based Superalloy, Metall Mater Trans A. (2018) 1–11
    7. S.C.H. Llewelyn, K.A. Christofidou, V.J. Araullo-Peters, N.G. Jones, M.C. Hardy, E.A. Marquis, et al., The effect of Ni:Co ratio on the elemental phase partitioning in γ-γNi-Co-Al-Ti-Cr alloys, Acta Mater. 131 (2017) 296–304
    8. K.A. Christofidou, K.J. Robinson, P.M. Mignanelli, E.J. Pickering, N.G. Jones, H.J. Stone, The effect of heat treatment on precipitation in the Cu-Ni-Al alloy Hiduron® 130, Mater Sci Eng A. 692 (2017) 192–198
    9. N.G. Jones, R. Izzo, P.M. Mignanelli, K.A. Christofidou, H.J. Stone, Phase evolution in an Al0.5CrFeCoNiCu High Entropy Alloy, Intermetallics. 71 (2016) 43–50
    10. K.A. Christofidou, N.G. Jones, M.C. Hardy, H.J. Stone, The Oxidation Behaviour of Alloys Based on the Ni–Co–Al–Ti-Cr System, Oxid Met. 85 (2015) 443–458
    11. K.A. Christofidou, N.G. Jones, E.J. Pickering, R. Flacau, M.C. Hardy, H.J. Stone, The microstructure and hardness of Ni-Co-Al-Ti-Cr quinary alloys, JALCOM. 688 (2016) 542–552
    12. N.G. Jones, K.A. Christofidou, H.J. Stone, Rapid precipitation in an Al 0.5CrFeCoNiCu high entropy alloy, Mater Sci Technol. 31 (2015) 1171–1177.
    13. N.G. Jones, K.A. Christofidou, P.M. Mignanelli, J.P. Minshull, M.C. Hardy, H.J. Stone, Influence of Elevated Co and Ti Levels on Polycrystalline Powder Processed Ni-base Superalloy, Mater Sci Technol. 30 (2014) 1853-1861
    14. M. C. Hardy, H. J. Stone, N. G. Jones, S. Neumeier and K. A. Christofidou, “A nickel alloy,” Patent Granted: EP20150199133, Patent Application: US2016/194736A1

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