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Rolls-Royce UTC

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

The Oxidation Lab is equipped with three thermal cyclic rigs principally for cyclic oxidation tests. Each rig consists a high-temperature vertical tube furnace and an automated sample loading system used to repeatedly load the test samples into the furnace (at high temperature) and unloading from the furnace (to ambient temperature) according to the thermal cycle required for each test.

Thermal Rig 1 

Thermal cyclic Rig1 (pictured above) uses a Pyro Therm vertical tube furnace with a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C. Thermal cyclic Rig2 and Thermal cyclic Rig3 (pictured below) are equipped with Elite TSV15 vertical tube furnaces, with a maximum operating temperature of 1500°C.

 Thermal Rig 2


Cyclic oxidation tests were typically carried out with a 1 hour hot-time at temperatures between 1000-1150°C and 10 minutes cool-time at room temperature. Example of test data generated using the thermal cyclic rigs:


Cyclic oxidation behaviour of CMSX-4 in air with and without presence of synthetic sea salt; from Pahlavanyali, S., Pang, H.T., Li, F., Bagnall, S., and Rae, C.M.F., "On the effect of salt deposits on the oxidation behaviour of CMSX-4 above 1000 °C" (2014) Materials Science and Technology, 30, 1890–1898.


For further information and access, contact H.T. Pang or Michele Scervini.