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Rolls-Royce UTC

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

The RR UTC has a laboratory dedicated to metallurgical sample preparation.  The equipment in this lab allows us to prepare specimens for a wide range of analysis techniques.

 Met Prep

Our equipment includes three precision saws (a Struers Accutom-5 and two Struers Secotom-10), which give us the capability to cut various materials and create precisely-sized specimens. Additionally, we have a hot mounting press and cold mounting equipment.

Automatic Polishers

The laboratory also contains numerous grinding and polishing facilities, including two semi-automatic grinder/polishers (both ATM Saphirs), which can accommodate up to nine samples each and give us the ability to control the pressure and speed at every stage. Two manual grinding wheels, two manual polishing wheels and a vibratory polisher are also available.  To aid our extensive research effort using TEM, we also have a Struers Tenupol twin-jet electropolishing unit for preparing electron-transparent specimens.


For final surface treatments, the laboratory is equipped with two ultrasonic water baths for thorough specimen cleaning, and the necessary tools to perform a variety of electrochemical etchings, including three fume cupboards.

Part of our research involves the design of new alloys; a filtration fume cabinet (Monmouth Circulaire) is available for metal powder manipulation.